General Information
The SFG-05 / SFG-01 FM-units are built around the YM2151 / YM2164 chip. These IC’s have 4 operators and sound quality is comparable to the cheaper Yamaha DX series (e.g. the DX-9, FB-01), several arcade games and the Korg(!) DS-8 and 707.

To program this chip, there are two memory locations available (register select and data) see the Music function I/O map for details.

Click here for a small Yamaha Reface DX summary


PDF Documents (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader):
CX5M-I Service Manual (HansO Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 3.1MB)
CX5M-II Service Manual (HansO Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 3.8MB)
YK-01 Service Manual (hansO Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 145KB)
CX5M Owners Manual (hansO Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 3.4MB)
CX5M-II Owners Manual (hansO Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 1.5MB)
YM2151 Datasheet (Hans) Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 246KB)
The 4-operator FM from the SFG modules
SFG-05 Music BIOS manual (hansO Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 15.8MB)
YM2151 Register description (MSX Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF, 1.3MB)
A detailed document about programming the YM2151

FM Synthesis general theory (File-Hunter.com, PDF)
AY8910 Datasheet (PDF, 905KB)
Standard 3 channel MSX audio and I/O

1793-02P Datasheet (PDF, 716KB)
The disk controller used in the FD-051 Floppydisk interface module.

FD-03 Service Manual (hansO Archive @ File-Hunter.com, PDF 11.7MB)
The Yamaha Floppy Drive service manual

I don’t have information about the YM2148 which handles the MIDI and Keyboard scan but my guess is that it works the same way as embedded in the later YM8950 IC

GIF images:
CX5M(II) Connectors (GIF, 48KB)
CX5M Power supply (GIF, 53KB)
SFG-01 Circuit Diagram (GIF, 97KB)
SFG-05 Circuit Diagram (GIF, 87KB)

HTML files:
Music function I/O map (HTML)
 How to access the SFG from the computer
Programming the YM2151 (by NYYRIKKI )
 HTML document of the YM2151 datasheet (with ‘find-routine’) Plain text document is here
SFG-05/01 to MSX Cartridge adapter
 Originally sold as the UCN-01 (Yamaha Unit Connector)

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