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Roland TR-8 & Korg Volca beat?

As you might have read I do not only stick to the CX5M but also some other apparatus like the TX81Z hardware or PX7 on Reason. However these are FM type generators and my recent diversion was made by the Korg Volca series.

Although I was already drawn to the Volca Beat (I was looking for a real a step-sequencer) I initially tried the Roland TR-8, the sequencer had swing settings and ah well.. you never go wrong on the good old 808/909 sound.

But playing around with the TR-8 I discovered the machine was less surprising than I had hoped for. Also the effects were responding a bit ‘clunky’ and the driver for muliti recording audio was not to my liking also, the whole TR-8 started to stutter it’s playback. Now I knew the Volca was the way to go.

And it has not let me down. Switch it on and play away. That’s how it’s supposed to be! It has it’s own sound, it’s very portable (battery and speaker) and I also like the fact that the Volca’s are so accessible for tweaking. (Since I also have an Inverse Poly 800 waiting for the Hawk mod this Volca is right up my alley!)

I already implemented the snare fix and MIDI out as you can see on the picture above. Those of you who have tried know it’s normally not possible to put a MIDI connector at that place but filing off the connector’s rear and use small wire you can precisely pull it off.


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